About Nob Studio



Nob Studio is an indie studio located in Singapore, its goal is to design and build fun, addictive games. 

Nob Studio have been developing Flash and mobile Games since late 2007. To date, Nob Studio has developed 20+ flash games and 10+ mobile games for iPhone/Android/Window.



  • 2015 - Launch of Prison Life RPG. The best selling game of Nob Studio!
  • 2013 - Blood Run showcase at E3 by 100% indie
  • 2013 - Launched first port to Android store Samsung Apps
  • 2012 - Launched first port to Android store Google Play
  • 2012 - SKY SETTLERS featured by Apple App Store
  • 2011 - Launched first game on iPhone/iPad
  • 2010 - Reality Bytes Contest  by Mochimedia, Top 5
  • 2010 - Fairytale Fights Contest by Mochimedia, 1st 2008/09 - Flash Game Walk of Fame by MochiAds & ArcadeTown, 1st
  • 2007 - Armor Gaming Challenge #6, Halloween Contest Top 3 Entries
  • 2007 - MochiAds Flash Game Contest, 5th
  • 2006 - gamedev.net Four Elements IV Contest, 5th

Check out our flash games on Kongregate

Bye Bye Flash. Hello Mobile Games.



I have switched to developing mobile games since 2011, because unfortunately flash is dead.

But you can still check out our flash games on Kongregate


I am using CORONA SDK for mobile development. It uses lua language which is very similar to flash actionscript, great for beginners.

I highly recommend this 2D engine as it is powerful, and totally free!


Corona SDK