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Prison Life RPG two months sales figures

posted by shuwan, on April 30, 2015, 4:00 pm

Thank you everyone for your support, Prison Life RPG did very well on GooglePlay Store!



Thanks to FantaBobGames's 2nd Let's Play series, Prison Life RPG reached Top 1 Paid App in France Apple AppStore again!
FantaBobGames: Let's Play Prison Life RPG youtube 1st & 2nd series in French

Some cool facts of GooglePlay Store Paid App:

Top 3 New Paid, 24 Overall paid, Top 2 RPG in US: 300 ~ 400 downloads
Top 1 Paid App in France: 200~400+ downloads
Top 1 Paid App in France(Apple): 250~600+ downloads
Top 2 Paid App in Australia: 120+ downloads
Top 5 Paid App in Canada: 120+ downloads
Top 7 Paid App in UK: 220+ downloads
Minecraft dominates Paid Chart of almost all countries for many months/years.
Prison Life RPG is NOT featured anywhere on GooglePlay or AppStore.
I spent at least 1 hour per day to reply and troubleshoot emails and reviews on GooglePlay.
I reached legend on Hearthstone

GooglePlay vs Apple AppStore

User Review system: GooglePlay Wins!
GooglePlay Store: shows all reviews of all versions and countries, able to reply to each review and interact with angry customers.
Apple AppStore: each new update reset to 0 review. No way to contact users. Life sucks if you live in small country as you can't view user review of other countries.

Purchase and Licensing: Apple AppStore Wins!
GooglePlay Store: Everyday I recieved at least 10 angry emails/reviews of failed to download game, failed to download expansion file, failed licensing check etc
Apple AppStore: Never have any problem.

Updating Game: GooglePlay Wins!
GooglePlay Store: Daily update? No problem!
Apple AppStore: Please wait 2 weeks for us to review the update, and reset your user ratings to 0.

Chart and game discovery: GooglePlay Wins....?
GooglePlay Store: Top New Paid/Free chart is great for new apps(less than 30 days). I hope Prison Life RPG can maintain the sales after 30 days.
Apple AppStore: Even if you are being featured by Apple, it only lasts for 1 week. I hope Apple can add a 30 days Top New Paid/Free chart.


I believe it is better to release on Apple AppStore first. Only release on GooglePlay when you have enough people waiting to buy your game, and boost it up the New Paid/Free chart.

As a buyer, I would still prefer to make purchase on iOS, because I know for sure the game is compatible on my phone, and there will be no purchase/license check problem.

I consider Prison Life RPG as very successful on GooglePlay Store. Yet I am still far from becoming a millionaire! This shows a Top Paid mobile app is enough to support an indie dev, but probably not enough for a 5+ headcount mobile game studio.

Thank you for reading, Lights out!
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